Congrats You’ve Made It To Adulthood.

If you didn’t know already, exactly a month ago I turned 21; the big two-one, the key to the door. I’m not quite sure what door that is all I know is that I currently have 2 front doors, neither of which properly work – but hey, they’re my doors and I work to pay rent for them.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a little bit of a birthday haul because I really love photographing pretty things and all the things I received were pretty. I don’t want to brag in anyway, just show you what lovely things my family and friends gifted me in exchange for me being alive for 21 years. I did receive a few more lovely bits than what is in the photos, but didn’t have a chance to capture them.

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Advice From a Graduate: Freshers Week.

Moving into halls can be daunting, especially for the shy and introverted. Speaking as someone who was shy and introverted and chose to live with 21 other people during her first year at uni, I think I can definitely give out some useful advice to those who are nervous. Here are my top tips for first years who are moving into student accommodation.

Keeping It Casual With H&M

Sometimes wearing cinched in the middle dresses and vintage inspired cuts just isn’t feasible, especially during the summer or for more casual occasions. I’ve always loved H&M, and if I’m not wearing a cute 50’s dress, I’m usually in something from the Swedish high street chain. Here is an example of one of my more ‘dressed-down’ outfits. 

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A Taste of Twentieth-Century France in the Middle of York.

Opening its doors in London’s Soho in the mid-1920s, Patisserie Valerie now brings French café culture to cities right across the UK. With its retro, 1950s vibe and delicious cakes, breakfasts as well as a wide selection of tea and coffee, it’s a tad surprising that I hadn’t eaten there before.

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British Retro Fashion with Lindy Bop

I purchased the Marion dress from Lindy Bop in their sale around a month or so ago, and I have honestly been in love ever since. It has been a staple for many of my summer occasions, from Aaron’s graduation, to a classical music festival and even my 21stbirthday. The photos below were actually taken on my birthday at York Summer Fair – I thought the retro aesthetic was the perfect backdrop for this vintage inspired piece.

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